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3 Important Facts about Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is waxy like substance produced naturally by the liver and plays major functions like protecting nerves, production of vitamin D and making cell tissues. Transportation of cholesterol throughout the body is done by carriers called lipoproteins. Cholesterol is also obtained from the very foods we consume mainly animal products. The foods will strike high levels of bad cholesterol in your body endangering it. You have heard of 'good' cholesterol’, also called high-density lipoprotein

4 Reasons Why You Should Exercise in The Morning

What could happen if you shifted your evening workout sessions to morning? Engaging in morning exercises could just have some more benefits. It is the best and healthy way to start your day. A good sweat in the early hours has some major advantages to your health like boosting your mental and physical energy. In this article, the effectiveness of this great routine improves your quality of sleep and mood. The fat burning process is efficient and this also reduces your chances of getting diabetes

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